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One Guitar Woman Orchestra
One Guitar Woman Orchestra (Malena Sardi)
Simple melodic ideas become an hypnotic loop with a noise touch. Harmonic structures do not count despite recognizable musical fingerprints in its various styles and studies. There is no question of jazz, or rock. Her music are inspired by its composition activity for theatre, performance and dance. Sound spatialization is of great importance to her and the sensory nerve of it connects to each of its tracks.
OGWO is a note artisan. She creates and gives each of them a resonance which nestles deep within your sensitivity. Temporality scramble to let place for the crude and direct feel of her bare notes, authentic and often elongated. Time is no longer appropriate. And with a surprising personal involvement, we begin dialoguing with her notes. Vivid, disturbing, sulky, loud, provocatively and even silent! 
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MAGIA official video clip of new LP release "Mer Maudite" 2018
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