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VERSO is the meeting of two musicians, Lea Tania Lo Cicero on voice and Malena Sardi on guitar. Their duet touches on both melodic ritual and experimental research, creating a kind of imaginary crossroads between undefined languages and unforeseen stories. Oscillating between harmonies and dissonances, symmetries and reversals, their collaboration projects us into a sensitive universe, a world with distant resonances that develops around abstract narratives, resulting in a contemplative, intense and profound experience, sometimes even of the mystical order.


Lea Tania Lo Cicero

Malena Sardi

Lea Tania Lo Cicero's voice is an ever-changing material, from breath to scream. Singer, improviser and composer, she develops a research work around the voice in the form of compositions, performances and concerts, in solo and through numerous collaborations. Her mode of experimentation touches both on an abstract language and on fragments of a common memory, while bringing into play the plasticity of the melodic narrative and an extreme approach to the voice.

Guitarist, composer and sound engineer, Malena Sardi performs solo since 2010 with her project One Guitar Woman Orchestra. A lifelong DIY artist, she founded her independent label Voodoo Girl Records in 2013. Her artistic career, her taste for the unknown and new experiences, is expressed between multiple and diverse collaborations in the field of theater, dance, cinema and performance. Currently, Malena is directing the creation of her transdisciplinary show Trajectoires.

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